Welcome to Flash Cards the proven way to “Master All” important concepts without mugging.
1. What are Flash Cards?

Flash Cards is an amazing concept that was developed by the Japanese to remember all the 1,000s of Kanjis (pictorial alphabets) without mugging them up. What they used to do is to take index Cards and write the Kanji on one side and meaning of that kanji on the back side. The students would be shown the Kanji and asked if he can remember what was its meaning. After a few seconds the answer was shown. This process was repeated with hundreds of Kanji and within a few hours the student would be easily be able to recall correctly the exact meaning of 100s of Kanjis.

Who says, we have to apply this amazing concept only the world of Kanji or languages. We could use it for any kind of concepts including Project management concepts and definition.

And therefore now, PM-Pulse is proud to present the Flash Cards for Project Management.

2. How can they help?

One of the most troublesome reality of any certification is the ability to recall the correct definition, process components, applicable concept or the correct formula just be reading the question once. But since the world of project management is replete with 100s of thousands of terms, formulas, concepts and definitions. It is not possible to mug them up. Well that is where PM-Pulse Flash Cards come in. We have made the most important and often repeated Concepts, Definition’s, Process Components, Concepts and Formulas that show up regularly in certifications, into interesting Flash Cards.

Just going through them a few times you will be able to recall all the most important and often repeated information in a split second. Thereby saving a lot of time while answering questions, having more accuracy and also generate a lot of time to review the exams before submission.

3. Why should I purchase Flash Cards?

These flash cards are not those run-of-the-mill flash cards that are freely available on internet search.

These are highly researched and properly categorized sets of Flash Cards which are the most extensive and comprehensive in the industry. (They actually are, not a marketing slogan).

All this takes effort and hence available for purchase, even though, at a very affordable fees.

With the kind of benefits it would bestow on you, it is worth purchasing it and acing your certification.


1. PMP Flash Card

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1. PMP Flash Card

The PMP [2022 onwards] is now not only about the PMBOK Guide 6th Edition but also includes 7th Edition, Agile Standard, Organizational Change Management as well as other standards and references from PMI.
This means that there are much more concepts to master, learn and recall at a moment’s notice. How can you develop such a massive recallable instant memory without mugging up and without getting stressed out.