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PMP Dash [Your Best Bet For Clearing PMP Exams ASAP]
Based on PMBOK Guide 6th Edition.

December 12th and 13th, 2020 [16 hrs]

If your PMP Exams date is near (say within the next 1 to 3 weeks) this course is for you.

Instead of searching the internet for free but unreliable stuff, wading through multiple books, going through outdated notes provided by your friend or previous trainer or requesting your friends and colleagues for PMP

Material, just attend this PMP Dash – Online Live and Interactive (LiveWire) workshop and get ready for PMP Exams in the shortest possible time.

This course provides the best notes, tips and tricks as well as ITTO pointers to help you ace PMP Exams. Not only this, PMP Exams questions would be discussed to ensure that the participants are ready in all respects.

It’s your Best – Bet for clearing PMP Exams before end of December 2020.

Who Should Attend?

Remember, this is NOT a PMP 35 Contact Hrs course. This is a course that prepares you and makes you “Exam Ready” in just 16 hrs. You should have already got your application approved from PMI and are days or weeks away from PMP Exams.

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Salient Features Of PMP Dash: -

This course comes with the following deliverables:-

  1. Entirely Exams Focused.
  2. Best notes and tips anywhere in the Industry
  3. Run by a person who has 22,500 certified PMPs to his personal credit.
  4. Run the author of 3 immensely popular books on PMP Exams
  5. Notes, Tips and ITTOs as per Knowledge Area Wise
  6. 200 Questions (spread over the entire course) practice
  7. Access to PMP Exams simulator
  8. Access to Ninja Notes Audio platform
  9. So comprehensive that you can give the exams within 2 days of finishing this course


1. What is PMP Dash LiveWire?

PMP Dash LiveWire is an online-live session that helps candidates prepare very well and be “Exams – Ready” in just a few days. Now that the PMBOK is changing in from January 2021 there are a lot of people who are finding it hard to prepare fast enough to clear the exams before the change. They fear that the investment of time and money in getting trained on PMBOK Guide 6th Edition, may go to waste. This is where this session makes a huge difference. This session cuts down your preparation time to just a few days from months. PMP Dash LiveWire is a very acute refresher course that is absolutely focused on PMP Exams and aimed at getting you ready for the exams in a jiffy.

2. What version of PMBOK Guide is this PMP Dash based on?

PMP Dash is based on PMBOK Guide 6th edition.

3. Is this a full PMP Training?

This is NOT a full PMP training. There are no PDU’s offered here. This is a refresher course that cuts your preparation cycle from months to just a few days. This session is ONLY for helping you pass the exams, fast. In fact you must have your PDUs and preferably, your PMP Exams Application approved as well, before attending this PMP Dash LiveWire session.

4. How will PMP Dash LiveWire help me in preparing for PMP?

PMP Dash will help you prepare for the exams by

  • 1. Providing all the important notes that are popular in exam questions.
  • 2. Providing amazing tips and tricks for retaining information as well as recalling them with speed.
  • 3. Pointing out only the “Inputs – Tools and Techniques – Outputs” that need to be remembered for exams, as well as the tricks for remembering them.
  • 4. Showing different kinds of questions that show up on exams and how to solve them correctly. (200 Questions for practice during course)
  • 5. Working on Quantitative questions and explaining tips around the same.
  • 6. Explaining pertinent Agile related concepts that show up on exams.
  • 7. Readiness assessment at end of the session and individual guidance towards next steps to prepare and be ready for the exams within a few days.

5. Why should I trust PMP Dash LiveWire that it will get me up to speed?

This PMP Dash is being conducted by someone who has over 22,500 certified professionals to his personal credit. He is also the author of one of the most selling and regarded preparation book on PMP. He is the founder of the REP viz., PM-Pulse since 2007 which has near 100% passing rate.

6. What will be the deliverables / handouts from PMP Dash LiveWire?

  • 1. Audio access of “Ninja Notes”, containing the most pertinent notes and concepts that are popular in PMP Exams.
  • 2. Access to one of the best “Flash Cards” in the industry which will help you build speed in recalling concepts
  • 3. Access to one of the best Exams simulator
  • 4. The confidence to give the exams in a very near future

7. How will such a vast course of PMP be covered in just a few days?

The entire course would not be covered. This is not a PMP Training. This is a session to help you master the most important concepts and notes of PMP that would show up in the exams. It is a course to get you “Exams Ready” and cut down your entire cycle for preparing for the exams. And for that just a few days are enough if taught by a highly experienced trainer.

8. Will I be able to attempt the exams just after this PMP Dash LiveWire Session?

Yes. Best if you keep a few more days just for practicing more PMP Questions using our simulator.

9. Am I eligible to attend this PMP Dash LiveWire?

PMP Dash is for professionals who have already undergone the PMP Training on PMBOK Guide 6th Edition sometime in the past and are interested in attempting and clearing the exams before the exams change after December 31st 2020. You must have the 35 contact hrs certificate and preferably your application already approved by PMI.

10. Is this only for IT or Telecom Sector professionals?

PMP Dash LiveWire is meant for ANYONE who is preparing for the PMP Exams based on PMBOK Guide 6th Edition and wish to clear the PMP Exams before End of December 2020. There is no restrictions about the domain / industry anyone is from.

PMP DASH is your best bet for getting PMP Exams ready in a jiffy and acing the PMP Exams before End of December 2020.